Social Bookmarking is the key step for off-page SEO. With the rise of popular Social Bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Mixx, and countless of other CMS sites powered by free scripts like Pligg and PHPdugg - this is easily becoming a very popular method to do SEO - because soical bookmarking is happening on the Internet all over the place for real. So, emulating this type of backlink growth is seen as natural and organic by Google, and you get tons of link juice flowing inwards from these links. Doing Social bookmarking manually is not difficult, but it is time consuming - specially if you have multiple pages and multiple keywords.

If you think about it Social Bookmarks are indeed a very useful and handy method for people to keep track of URLs they find worth noting down and then sharing them with other users. With the advent of several years ago and then which was initally called and was acquired by Yahoo for 10 million USD - Social Bookmarking has become an essential component of Social Media and Web2.0 which are driven by the concept of users sharing data types with one another.

Since Google PageRank and algorithm works on the premise of giving you link points that go towards your page rank and SERP listings for specific keywords based on how many in bound links you have for the keyword - this has become a prominent way for SEO experts and people doing SEO to gain the much needed backlink currency that everyone is looking for.

These inbound Social Bookmark links can come from different domain rank sites and URLs. There are several software tools that can do this for you, but we believe its best to outsource this activity to a manual social bookmarking service team like SmarterSubmit. The reason is multi-fold...

1. You get manual links - and its not automated junk links
2. All links are verified for you and they are guaranteed to stick
3. The links come from high PR and trusted sites
4. The links are mostly DoFollow links
5. The links can be setup for you on unique user accounts on these sites or on common user accounts
6. You get a full complete report with all verified links
7. There is no software tool that can submit to a diverse set of 250+ sites without any problems and with complete guaranteed efficiency and listing.
8. Most software tools, even SENukeX are not stable in doing this and tend to mess up the submissions.
9. You don’t need to learn complex Spintax technqiues to rotate the text, the team does it all
10. It’s cheap and totally worth the low cost.

So, there is no reason whatsoever that you should not be jumping on the Social Bookmarking bandwagon as a first and absolutely essential step in your SEO backlink buildling ventures.


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